General Info

The Club African Spirit was founded 2012 in Salzburg by Eva Mueck as initiator and chairwoman. Through the hard work and lots of experience in building the African Center with Jahmaik Nyawade in the years before she decided to assist with this club living here African artists in the demands of a life based here and the support of their families in their home countries. Many of them make it only with great difficulty, to finance their living as musicians or dancers. There is a lack of leistbarem living room on performance opportunities and often also of knowledge in dealing with paperwork. To support these artists, to advise and assist their integration is one of the objectives of the "African Spirit - Rhythm for Life". No one leaves his home and his family without good reason and most emigrants dream of returning home to their families. That these dreams can become a reality, is a further object of the commitment of the association.                                                  

Residential Home Help:

"African Spirit" rents occasional homes to offer in artists from these regions to jumpstart a decent accommodation. The artists make for a reasonable financial contribution.                                                  

arranging workshops, courses, performances:

African Spirit organizes and culture sharing workshops, drumming workshops, concerts, jam sessions, Feel Africa Days, African Dance Fusion, Education Dance, etc., in which the artist will pursue as Instructor their profession or stand as a musician on the stage and in their maintenance earn. As the artist from traditional families - currently mainly from West Africa and South Africa - are, it is their duty, culture and stories of their homes and families not only to their children, but also beyond its borders to spread.  

offers courses and workshops

For groups, schools, disabled people, senior citizens, individually ... ..je as desired and claim From beginners to master ... is ..gelehrt only by masters of the respective Intrum Morientes: Drums (djembe, Dunduns) balafon Kora Afo Dance Afro Fusion Dance

Concerts and Music Marketing:

African Spirit organized concerts for the club coached by musicians and supports them active in the marketing of their compositions and songs. In addition, the association strives to performance opportunities of his supervised artists at various events and events. We promote the modernized Western afrikan. Music from blues to jazz and ethno Modernized West African music from blues to jazz to ethnic and rhythm and percussion performances. We especially want with us yet little-known typical instruments such as the kora (afrikan. Harp), the balafon (large wooden xylophone), the Calebashe (half a pumpkin-like fruit that are built from the the Kora), ... .... Currently we are working within the framework of the project "help themselves" especially with solo Kouyate and Nakany edge of new recordings in the studio by Bernie Rothauer (Obaxe Music) .... an exciting development and new targets with new ways.

projects in their home countries:

By supporting projects in their home countries and the support of their families there the possibility of return to be created. From here we can share knowledge benefit just as the people of Africa. With the expertise of here or a meaningful training, they can motivate children and adolescents to build something in their homeland. They shall inform the next generation that in Europe everything is not better and certainly not easier for them. A self-help project with solo Kouyate of Senegal is managed end of this year after one and a half years of hard work and investment, the first step towards self-help and thus can take some of the costs of their own income itself. Details under "Project" Kounda Kouyate "in Kafountine

Consulting and Promotion /

African Spirit supports immigrants by voluntary teachers in German language. The Association provides advice in dealing with authorities, provides expert legal advice and accompanied immigrants even when auditioning for public services. The association supports the immigrants in their efforts to comply with all applicable regulations in Austria.

Cultural Exchange:

Music has no boundaries and is probably the best way of meeting and exchange. African Spirit is always trying to bring musicians from different countries and different skin color on the stage. Especially during jam sessions or workshops culture sharing many doors have been opened ......